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The radiation pours down on us but the relentless sameness of the watts can’t be causing of the swings in temperature on Earth. For one thing, the total light energy coming off the Sun stays almost the same but the type of light changes — the spectrum shifts – with more shorter wavelengths at one point in the cycle and longer wavelengths at the opposite part of the cycle. Shorter wavelengths (UV) generate ozone in the stratosphere and penetrate the ocean. But the Sun is also sending out charged particles and driving a massive fluctuating magnetic field, both of which affect Earth’s atmosphere.

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When meridonal, the jet streams wander in loops further north and south, resulting in longer lines of air mass mixing at climate zone boundaries, which creates more clouds.

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An increase in ozone warms the stratosphere or mesosphere, which pushes the tropopause lower.Clouds reflect sunlight back out to space, determining how much the climate system is heated by the near-constant incoming solar radiation.

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When the Sun is more active there is more ozone above the equator and less over the poles, and vice versa.

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