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The information you get from asking these questions will give you insight into how to conduct yourself that you would not otherwise get. the power to adjust your behavior depending on the future you imagine you will experience. When you change your point of view, you change the meaning of the past event as well as the implications of it. Q - Doesn't the past have more 'reality' than the future? But this concept is only a thought, which you can change.

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You can get continually new information from the past simply by asking yourself a series of "What if? If you ask similar questions about the future, you'll start to see that the future is just as real as the past.

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The virtual future consists of a wide spectrum of possible futures. Because your mind can access the virtual future as easily as the past, you can learn to use the future as a source of information and power. "What sort of personality type will this person be looking for?If you ask yourself, "What's the most scenic route? " These questions put you in the interviewer's shoes. The trick is to change it with control so so-called "negative" events work for you. But there's more to it than that, because when you change the meaning of a past event, the character of your present also shifts.

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Exactly which one will manifest is uncertain, but we can narrow down the range to a considerable degree, depending on the questions we ask ourselves. And How can I impress him/her with the idea that I am the perfect fit for the job? A little contemplation reveals that the past is constantly changing anyway, all by itself.

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