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Today we also see a growing need for specialized devices, but the computational logic that drives these devices is still software, in the form of circuits embodying desired information processing procedures.

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Past advances in the science and technology of software and its desn and production provided the foundations for today's enormously valuable software-driven industries.


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Software enables general-purpose devices to perform such specialized tasks as searching for information, transmitting movies into homes, managing the flht controls of modern aircraft, and operating the payment systems at the core of the modern economy.The past investments in software and software engineering research have greatly enriched our society and improved our quality of life.

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[and is] essential to achieving the goals of open government." The NIT revolution has been powered by unprecedented sustained advances in two broad areas: dital devices - primarily general-purpose processors, network and storage systems, displays and sensors, for example - and special-purpose software, i.e., application-specific.

The intelligent investor pdf scribd:

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