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Past advances in the science and technology of software and its desn and production provided the foundations for today's enormously valuable software-driven industries.

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Past advances include modern programming mechanisms; software development methods; mathematical ques for verifying the conformance of software behavior to software specifications and for finding faults in programming; approaches to testing software for faulty behavior and for securing it against misuse; methods for structuring software artifacts sometimes comprising tens of millions of lines of programming code for human understanding and maintainability; and tools to enable networks of software engineers to work 24/7 globally to create many millions of lines of debugged and documented code every day for a plethora of diverse software products used in industry, academia and by the every-day citizen.

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KPMG_CFO Chief Financial

The 2010 Report of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), entitled “Desning a Dital Future: Federally Funded Research and Development in Networking and Information Technology,” documents the transformation of our society driven by advances in networking and information technology, catalyzed by our nation's past investments in research. [O]ur world today relies to an astonishing degree on systems, tools, and services that belong to a vast and still growing domain known as Networking and Information Technology (NIT). labor productivity more than any other set of forces.... [is] crucial to achieving our major national and global priorities in energy and transportation, educations and life-long learning, healthcare, and national homeland security....Software enables general-purpose devices to perform such specialized tasks as searching for information, transmitting movies into homes, managing the flht controls of modern aircraft, and operating the payment systems at the core of the modern economy.


NIT underpins our national prosperity, health, and security. [NIT] accelerate[s] the pace of discovery in nearly all other fields....

The intelligent investor pdf scribd:

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