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What Is Stronger than a Lion? Leonine Image and Metaphor in the.

Some Latter-day Saints believe that there is some archaeological evidence supporting the BOM, many know there is little or no evidence and continue to believe in the book's authenticity despite these challenges.

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No archaeological, linguistic, genetic or any other evidence of Hebrew culture in the Americas has ever been found to support the existence of such a people portrayed in the BOM.

What Is Stronger than a Lion? Leonine Image and Metaphor in the.

A Lion's Tale Around the World in Spandex by Chris Jericho 2007.

Critics cite numerous problems with the text that indicate it is of more modern origin such as anachronisms, DNA evidence, lack of archaeological evidence, linguistic problems, etc.29) that actively discouraged members from studying the historicity of the Book of Mormon because such efforts would prove "fruitless," that differing theories regarding Book of Mormon geography would "undermine faith" and that any theories put forth by scholars were nothing more than "personal speculations." LDS critics maintain that the BOM is a work of fiction created in the 19th century.

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Although it serves primarily as a religious text, it is to be interpreted literally as being an actual, historical record of the inhabitants of the ancient Americas.

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