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The campan is once more delivered in episodic manner.

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It brings back series stalwarts - Captain Price and a couple of surprises - and introduces a few new soldiers: Yuri, Burns and Frost.

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And, yes, it delivers an absurd plot in which major cities and historic landmarks are destroyed with laughable alacrity. Despite well-documented development team difficulties after the release of Modern Warfare 2, a feeling of increasing apathy for a franchise already over milked and fierce competition from EA in the shape of Battlefield 3, it seems you just can’t keep a good - and immensely profitable - series down.

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From the off, it’s clear that the world has changed for the worse: he Statue of Liberty standing defiantly in a New York Harbour filled with invading Russian vessels. It’s a mechanised Rancor away from Bulletstorm’s craziness, and all the more enjoyable for it.

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