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Present Tenses present simple and continuous tense Past Tenses past simple and continuous tense Future Tenses future simple and continuous tense Present Perfect present perfect simple and continuous Past Perfect past perfect simple and continuous Future Perfect future perfect simple and continuous Going to Present tenses forms expressing future Present: Present simple exercises PDF I sit, Do you sit? Present continuous exercises PDF I'm going, Are you going? Present simple vs continuous PDF Practise differences. Esl worksheets PDF Exercises on English tenses, verb forms and sentence structures.

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Present perfect: Present perfect simple exercises PDF I've done, Have you done? Present perfect continuous exercises PDF I've been going, Have you been going? Present perfect simple vs continuous PDF Compare these two forms. Second conditional exercises PDF I would take my umbrella if it rained.

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Regular and Irregular Verbs Luckily for us, most verbs in English are.

Tenses in reported speech: Reported speech exercises PDF "I live in York," she said. Our tip: Mixed tenses exercises PDF Compare different verb forms.Present tenses for future PDF Scheduled activities and future arrangements. Verb tenses online Interactive exercises and online grammar rules.

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Past: Past simple exercises PDF I worked, Did you work? Past continuous exercises PDF I was working, Were you working? Past simple vs continuous PDF Learn the difference. Mixed conditionals exercises PDF Printable tests to download for free. Regular & irregular verbs PDF Activities on regular and irregular verbs.

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