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To Hitler and many others, it was left liberal politicians and supporters, (German Jewish bankers and their international Jewish network), of the Weimar Republic who ‘stabbed Germany in the back’ by signing the armistice on November 11, 1918.

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“Almost half of all German private banks were Jewish owned,” writes Reuth, “the stock exchange was dominated by Jewish stockbrokers, and almost half of the nation’s newspapers were Jewish run as were 80 per cent of chain stores.” Reuth’s groundbreaking book was reviewed in the June 19, 2009 issue of London’s in an article entitled, Has Historian Finally Discovered Real Reason For Hitler’s Hatred Of Jews?

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Frankfort produced its Rothschilds, Lazards, Warburgs, Dreyfuses, Seifs, as well as sending to New York, Jacob Schiff, an agent for Walter Rothschild. Thus, the ‘Stab in the Back’ theory became hugely popular among Germans who found it impossible to swallow defeat.In his new 2009 book, , Ralf Georg Reuth recounts that Hitler blamed the Jews for both the collapse of the German economy and the Russian revolution.

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(See Hitler’s Judenhass - Klischee und Wirklichkeit & Purchase Here.) Drawing on numerous archives, Reuth paints the social backdrop during Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

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