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His fourth, which appeared in England in 1990 under the title , established his reputation among Western readers as a brilliant postmodern novelist who juggles time and place, perspectives, identities, and narrative techniques so deftly that his readers are left breathless but oddly satisfied.

Orhan Pamuk and the Construction of Turkey's National Memory in.

Other authors might have divided such a book into sections, devoting one segment to personal history, another to geographical and historical observations, and a third to portrayals of the city by various writers and painters. The thirty-seven chapters into which his book is divided are not grouped according to subject matter.

SENATOR HOTEL <em>ISTANBUL</em> OLD <em>CITY</em>, <em>ISTANBUL</em> ****

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Thus after beginning with three chapters about himself and the rooms in which he grew up, Pamuk moves to descriptions of the streets, reflections on the dominant colors of Istanbul, comments on the unique atmosphere in the areas adjacent to the Bosphorus, and an account of the life and works of Antoine-Ignace Melling, who published a book of Bosphorus landscapes almost a hundred and fifty years before Pamuk was born.There are also character sketches, some of them about family members such as his grandmother, others describing the lives of writers and painters whom Pamuk never met.


The result is a truly marvelous book, which is at once a portrait of the author, of his city, and of his society, present and past.

Istanbul memories city pdf download:

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