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A glance backward reveals the fact that Brainerd has experienced some very severe setbacks, a condition quite natural in a railroad town. This was accomplished by the use of face brick of a wide range in color, together with terra cotta and cut stone, the latter being concentrated at points of interest, namely, the entrances. While some buildings suggest that they would be benefitted by an operation for appendicitis, this building, thanks to its builders, is without an appendix. The business of the county will be greatly expedited. A visitor at the court house recently would find it a hive of industry. 1) A surprise is in store for the citizens of Brainerd and Crow Wing county who have not visited the new court house since its completion. 2) COURT HOUSE WORK IS THAT OF ART _____ Commissioners Approve Work of Painting and Redecorating in Building Crow Wing county’s court house, considered one of the most modern and finest public buildings in the northwest, equipped to efficiently take care of the county’s official business, stands today in as fine condition as when it was completed in the spring of 1921. In consequence, the security back of the $50,000 bond issue offered to the Brainerd people is in the neighborhood of $95,000. The bowling alley parlor will be mechanically ventilated, the air to be changed every six minutes. A dumb waiter will be installed from the restaurant to the kitchenette to provide service for the larger banquets from the restaurant to the lodge rooms. The lodge room will be entered through tyler’s room. Brainerd, Minnesota NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bids will be received for the erection and completion of a three-story and basement, fire-proof Elks building. 22, 23, 24, Block 43, Town of Brainerd, Crow Wing County, Minnesota. Basement excavation and construction will commence immediately. 3) Permit Contractors to Use Streets Representatives of Lenci & Gorham, contractor, of Virginia, who have the contract for the building of the Elks home on the corner of Sixth and Laurel streets, requested permission for the use of part of the sidewalks and roadways adjoining the construction for the storage of material used in the construction. All that is necessary now is for the city to build a suitable jail building, as the one which is used for that purpose is not fit for a hog pen, and should be discarded as soon as possible. As it is now many times the pump house is only notified of fire after some one has gone there in person, the telephone being unreliable. A square white flag means clear or fair weather; the blue flag indicates rain or snow; the white and blue flag (parallel bars of white and blue) indicates that local rains or showers will occur and that the rainfall will not be general; the white flag with black square in center indicates the approach of a sudden and decided fall in the temperature—a cold wave. The city council at its meeting received the same and ordered it filed, no action being taken on account of the lateness of the hour and the number of other matters requiring attention. This will not be done, however, until spring as it is getting pretty late for exterior work of this kind. Painters have commenced to work on the old Hose House, next to the Opera, and in a few days the building will fairly dazzle with a new coat of paint. They are all in the denomination of fives, requiring 5,400 signatures in all. Indeed, the hardest work of the day for a bank clerk is after banking hours. On 18 September 1890 the first service was held in the newly completed building. We expect to take an active part in civic affairs and take our place with local merchants towards making Brainerd a real live trading center. We, who know little about that, sit in the theatre and enjoy to the utmost the marvels of sound, color and picture. Ryan, chief usher of the Minnesota theatre of Minneapolis. Jenkins and the five assistants are Lyle Creger, Russell Nelson, Wm. The uniform of the boys is powder blue with black and red stripes. The Publix Theatres corporation is known for its entertainment and service and the boys here hope to maintain the high standard in efficiency and courtesy set by the corporation. That effort has been spearheaded by part-time area resident Bob Mansfield, who assembled an arts center committee which has since formed a non-profit corporation for the center. Ferris, Ransford Rudolph Wise, George La Bar and George Holland. But whether this will be offset by the saloon next door remains to be seen. The following Minnesota towns come under the provisions of this bill: [...] Brainerd Net Revenue.—$3,226.55 (Brainerd Dispatch, 01 April 1892, p. 3) A new window has been put into the rear of the post-office, and it is now expected that with more light on the subject the mails will be distributed with alacrity. While the post-office location, as far as this paper is concerned, doesn’t cut much figure as long as it is within reasonable distance in either direction, we think that if a move is contemplated all the people should be consulted, and its location mutually considered. Wood, was here the latter part of last week and stated that he would probably report to the department that the present location was preferable to the one from which it was moved on Front street. 3) The salary of the Brainerd postmaster has been raised from $1,900 to $2,000 and the office made second class. This looked suspicious, and Sheriff Erickson looked him up but satisfied himself he was not one of them. Johnson turned the postoffice business over to his successor, N. Ingersoll, who immediately took charge of the affairs. Johnson, the retiring postmaster, has held the position for four years, having been installed Feb. Johnson, retiring postmaster, was the recipient last evening of a handsome easy chair, tendered him by the postoffice employees during his term. The pages are of six stamps each and of convenient size for carrying in pocket or pocket-book. The present postoffice has been a disgrace to the city, besides being almost a death trap to the postoffice employees, hence the removal will be welcomed by all. The establishment of the system will be a great convenience to the people of the city, especially East Brainerd, South East Brainerd and the outlying districts, and the people should co-operate with the authorities in making the necessary arrangements so as to secure its benefits at the earliest possible moment. The number costs but a trifle and there are none so poor but that they can afford the expense, especially when the convenience of having your mail delivered at the door free of charge daily is taken into consideration. _____ Brainerd can have the free mail delivery system if its citizens desire it, but not without complying with the requirements of the government in the essential points. Gardner Hall has been very nicely arranged and presents a very pleasing appearance. Blinded with smoke, and fatigued, he remained in the water all night, from which he contracted a severe cold.” The severe cold contracted at that time grew into consumption, from which he died on Monday night. The debt on the church has been raised sooner than was at first expected and the result of the labors of the members of the congregation is best shown in the beautiful edifice which now stands as a monument in honor of the labors of the faithful.

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W.) STORE MISCELLANEOUS BUILDING / BUSINESS INFORMATION STREETS RENAMED Grand opening for the seventh business to open under the single roof of the Tyrol Hills Shopping Center—the Ace Hardware Store—will be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday and will feature over $500 in prizes including a grand prize drawing for a $70 mattress. The house, as it now stands, is a beauty in its inside arrangement, and is a fine looking building externally. This hotel, which becomes a Mecca for the last of the loggers later in its life, is located on Front Street [418 Front Street] next door and just to the west of the Globe Hotel [422 Front Street], which is located on the southwest corner of Fifth and Front Streets between Fourth and Fifth Streets, it burns in 1910. Woodin, who at one time carried on extensive logging operations in this neck of the woods, he belonging as a member of the old firm of Fales & Woodin, was in town this week on a visit to his cousin, Martin Watson. has engaged in the steamboat business on the lower Mississippi, but his love for the North Star state was ever dominant, and disposing of his shipping interests, came back to the state of sunny clime and bracing atmosphere, locating at Brainerd, and for over a year has been Mine Host of the Hotel Antlers at Brainerd.—Age. Several witnesses were put on the stand by the defendant, to prove that his place of business, the Antlers hotel, had always been kept in a sanitary condition and the premises regularly cleaned. 1) SUBSTANTIAL ADDITION _____ Adam Armstrong Starts the Erection of a Good Building to be Used as Saloon Adjoining Hotel. To date, seven card players have paid fines in court. Brainerd has been dry since the April 19 election, the first time since "Pussyfoot" Johnson closed saloons for 30 days. He operates the Arlington Hotel, located on the southwest corner of Sixth and Washington Streets, until it burns on 01 January 1904. Rising from each desk are two nickel plated bars about three feet apart with a wooden cross piece. This very simply does away with the old tripod stand. In the old quarters the county officers work amid all the noise and distractions of the building, but in this new building they are each provided with an inner office where they may be free to do their work without interruptions. ELLIOTT, OF MINNEAPOLIS, GENERAL CONTRACT _____ COUNTY BOARD VISITED THE NEW STRUCTURE AND INSPECTED SAME MONDAY _____ BUILDING FORMALLY ACCEPTED ON MONDAY EVENING, DE- PARTMENTS MOVING IN Without any elaborate ceremonies, the new court house of Crow Wing county was formally accepted from the general contractors, J. Paul, the same architectural firm that designed the City Hall in 1914. Collins, 1983) Carillon bells will be installed on the county courthouse next year as a memorial to veterans of all wars, but especially those of the Bataan campaign of WW II. The place will be called The Gem, and will be first-class in all its appointments. 5) The new sample room of Cullen & Quinn will be open on Monday next. 3) The firm of Cullen & Quinn, conducting a saloon business in the Dressen building, has been dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. With the right kind of a driver a motor fire truck would negotiate 12 to 14 inches of snow. Twenty to twenty-five miles an hour was the average speed now generally made by fire apparatus in cities he was acquainted with. If the truck was liable to stand for months and fires were not frequent, he advised hard tires. Back of this, of course, is a record of careful administration of school district affairs by a board of education serving without salary, but taking its duties none the less seriously. Committees were instructed to proceed with dispatch in the prosecution of their duties, and report at adjourned meeting, on Saturday, at same place. The painting and decorating work was done by the Olson Decorating Co. The general contractor was Ben Bredeson of Bemidji with J. Smith, of the same town, superintendent in charge of building. The National Tea Company will also celebrate its 30th anniversary sale at the grand opening. At present the company is operating more than 1,700 stores in the United States and more than 12,000 men and women are employed. Rowell, former railroad man, will be manager at the new store which is located just west of the Montgomery Ward and Co. Company officials here for the grand opening include A. stores will also be in attendance at the grand opening. Nevers desires to inform the public that he intends erecting an addition to his present storeroom, to be used as a tailoring establishment, and will employ a first-class tailor and cutter, and do only first-class work. The building, built in 1901, is structurally sound, but there have been no buyers thus far. 1) A supply of the new two-cent international postal cards, deliverable anywhere within the limits of the Universal Postal Union, were received this week at the Brainerd Post Office, and will be found a great convenience and saving to our citizens of foreign origin having correspondents in foreign countries. All the rest are expected today or tomorrow and will be placed immediately. Now if the businessmen will number their places of business Brainerd will have free delivery July 1st. 2) The chief of police yesterday notified the owners of business places not numbered to comply with the ordinance at once. No application can be received at the postoffice in this city after the hour of closing business on September 2.

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If these buildings were restored to us, they would constitute quite a city. 4) On January 23 1882, a lamp left burning in the Le Bon Ton Saloon exploded burning the American House, Spalding’s Saloon, Hagberg’s blacksmith shop, Perley’s wagon shop and Hendrickson’s gun shop. SEE: 1882 Le Bon Ton Saloon Fire in the Brainerd: City of Fire page. Wise in 1918 and named for his wife, Anna, it houses several stores and fifteen apartments, located on the southwest corner of Front and Seventh Streets. Wise Starts Erection of Same, 50 by 80 Feet, Two Stories High at 7th and Front _____ STORES ON THE MAIN FLOOR _____ Teams Are Busy Excavating—Plans Were Drawn by Alex Nelson, Perham Contractor R. Wise has commenced the erection of a brick and stucco two story business block on his lots corner Front and South Seventh streets measuring 50 by 80 feet, the improvement to cost $18,000 or more. Wise Erecting a Most Substan- tial Block at Corner of South Seventh and Front _____ BUYS CALE LOT TO THE WEST _____ Will Make a Structure With Almost Equal Frontage on Seventh and Front Streets R. Wise is building at the corner of South Seventh and Front Streets and the building will be larger than originally intended as he recently bought the lot to the west of him owned by the L. Damage from the fire was estimated at over $1 million, according to owner Dave Pueringer. The electricity going to the desks may be controlled easily. Passing from one floor to another one is struck by the well-lighted stairways. Paul, as the transfer was made from contractor to county. The stairways and hallways are stippled and blended gray blue and the rest rooms have been enameled. Above a high rough-cut stone basement or first floor, piers and columns reach two stories to the cornice. All the rooms will have bath and toilet with the exception of three rooms which will be plain. 1) FOR SALE—All kinds of dimension, siding, sheeting, maple flooring, sash, windows, doors, window weights, plate glass, plumbing ware, etc., at corner of 6th and Laurel streets by Elks. We trust, gentlemen, that you will readily see the propriety of granting our request and thereby assist a willing volunteer fire department and undoubtedly save more than your expenditure by the saving of property. Agents of the Wilcox and White trucks addressed the meeting. That the funds on hand with resources of the district are sufficient to justify an expenditure of such amount for that purpose, without the necessity of issuing any further bonds or increasing the present tax levy; That the property hereinafter described, commonly known as the “Fill Site,” and which has been heretofore designated by the electors of the Brainerd school district, as a school site, is the best located property known to the Board of Education, for such school site, to wit: All of Block 82 in the Town of Brainerd and the First Addition to the Town of Brainerd, according to the record plats thereof respectively; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that it is deemed advisable and expedient, that the Brainerd school district acquire by purchase or condemnation under the right of eminent domain, the following described property, located in the City of Brainerd, County of Crow Wing and State of Minnesota, to wit: All of Block 82 in the Town of Brainerd and the First addition to the Town of Brainerd according to the recorded plats thereof, respectively, for the purpose of a new or additional “school site;” sell, dispose of and remove the buildings therefrom, and erect and construct a Junior high school building thereon, at a total cost of not to exceed the sum of $260,000.00. m., for the purpose of submitting to the voters of said school district, the proposition of acquiring, by purchase or condemnation proceedings, for the Brainerd school district, the following described property located in the City of Brainerd, County of Crow Wing and State of Minnesota, to wit: All of Block 82 in the Town of Brainerd, and the First Addition to the Town of Brainerd, according to the plats thereof duly recorded, respectively, for the purpose of a new or additional school site; sell, dispose of and remove the buildings therefrom and erect and construct a Junior high school building thereon, at a total cost of not to exceed $260,000.00. The spirit of economy shown by the board, wise management, taking advantage of all possible state aid and other favorable conditions wisely made use of, has enabled the Brainerd school district to amass funds for this ambitious school project. Report accepted, and Committee continued upon motion of E. Morton, Committees already appointed to attend to further duties. The building is constructed of hollow tile brick faced with white limestone for decorations surmounted with the company’s design. OPENING TOMORROW _____ Fine Food Market to be Located at 720 Laurel Street in New Building _____ 30TH ANNIVERSARY SALE _____ Company is Operating Over 1,700 Stores, Employs Over 12,000 One of the finest food markets in the northwest, the new National Tea Co. The fly space behind the stage and the auditorium floor were modified; the lobby, entrance, bathrooms and a projection room were added; and the balcony, box seats and city hall offices were torn out. She will become assistant manager at the Westport Cinemas. 1B) NOTE: The remodeling which took place in 1929 included both a Spanish and English motif for the interior, not simply a “Spanish Mediterranean” motif as noted in the article above. The BN Railroad has agreed to lease the site of the old Paramount Theater to the Brainerd Lakes Arts Center, Inc. Child, of Blue Earth City, special agent of the post-office department, was in Brainerd Thursday on business connected with the post-office. The business houses must be numbered and also the residences which still remain without numbers must have them put on. Thiele his personal guarantee that the signs would be in position and who also assured him that he would do all in his power as the chief executive of the city to enforce the ordinance regarding the numbering of houses and business places and the construction and repair of sidewalks. Thiele Again in the City to Go Over the Ground the Second Time. Today he is going over the ground again, and as more attention has been given to this matter since his last visit to the city, it is thought that his recommendation will be favorable. 1st, as that is the beginning of the quarter and a much better time to inaugurate the service. _____ EXAMINATIONS ON SEPTEMBER 7 _____ Old Employees Come Under Classi- fied List and Will Not Be Examined. While the system has been established and all instructions have been received the inauguration of the same will not take place until Nov. A request has been made by the commission that proper arrangements be made to secure an eligible register in order that the Postmaster General may select carriers and a substitute from it in due time for them to select their uniforms and become familiar with their duties before the inauguration of the system, and in this connection an examination will be held in this city on September 7, which will be a special examination for the applicants for the positions above named. Admission to the hall is free and the public is cordially invited. Cloud court has been invited to be present and assist in the work of institution, says the Journal-Press. Then came the removal of passenger car repair work to the Como Shops in St. In 1922 a prolonged strike cost the city one-half million dollars. Furthermore, fires have destroyed dozens of large business blocks and scores of homes. Wise located on Laurel street masons are today at work replacing a pillar and other sections of the front. He has several other large contracts in the west on which he will build. SEE: 1924 Anna Block Fire in the Brainerd: City of Fire page. Thus by means of these winches burned out bulbs can be replaced by new ones with ease. The desks necessary for both of the laboratories were constructed by the W. These keys are kept in a cabinet constructed in such a way that by unlocking one door and by used of a combination all the other little doors will open to reveal keys hanging on them. All the vaults are equipped with steel shutters protecting all windows. For one thing, it was cooler in the new location and the windows offered a grand view of the river. The rotunda of the building is in effect one of the outstanding creations of beauty in the building. 4) The second Crow Wing County Courthouse is a classic Beaux Arts building, typical of the first quarter of the 20th century. The entire building is planned to be revenue producing, as the lodge itself will also pay into the building fund all monies received from all sources less the actual expense in connection with the operating of the lodge and the per capita tax. Eight hotel rooms will be located on the second floor and there will be 25 rooms on the third floor. Poor workmanship in the first place, and the extraordinarily large crowds that sometimes fill the municipal court room, are the principal reasons. 1 and 2, of the fire department, it was decided to request of you in this form to purchase a team of horses and apparatus for better fire protection. (Brainerd 1871-1946, Carl Zapffe, Colwell Press, Incorporated, Minneapolis, Minnesota: 1946, p. Lagerquist reported on the trip of inspection made by Aldermen Stallman and Gallup and himself when they visited St. (Brainerd 1871-1946, Carl Zapffe, Colwell Press, Incorporated, Minneapolis, Minnesota: 1946; pp. At this juncture, the officers elected took their seats. It is well supplied with windows permitting the entry of as much natural light as possible. Nevers desires to inform the public that he has secured the services of four first-class tailors, whom he expects on hand about the fifth or sixth of this month. 1 cutter, who will do nothing else but in that line of work. And I’m not sure, but I think they also had on tights.” The theater was redesigned and remodeled by Jack Liebenberg and Seeman Kaplan, Minneapolis architects and engineers. Sherwood announces the pleasing intelligence that he will arrive in Brainerd by tomorrow evening’s train. Sherwood has arrived looking hale and hearty, and pleased to return to Brainerd and his friends once more. In the meantime you can get your mail in the Slipp-Atherton block, but keep your eye on the mail carrier. The DISPATCH, when it directed the public to keep its weather eye on the mail carrier last week gave timely warning. The two drawers that belonged to the postoffice safe were also found. However, the postmaster this morning received a telegram that the proposition for the first floor of the Odd Fellows’ block, occupied by Reilly’s grocery store, had been accepted, and it will be refitted, a vault constructed, and the room placed in first-class shape to receive the office as soon as Mr. The work of refitting will take some days, and the removal will probably not take place until about July 15th, when Brainerd will have a postoffice that will be comfortable for the employees, centrally located and convenient for the public, and a credit to the city. 3) The postoffice was removed into the Odd Fellows’ block on Sunday, entirely new fixtures have been put in, and they present a very handsome appearance, besides being much more convenient for the employees than the old. Brainerd comes under the first qualification in that the postal receipts exceed $10,000 per year and the government is ready to give us the advantages granted other live, wide-awake cities of the northwest, provided our citizens will get a move on themselves, place their sidewalks in repair and number their business places and residences. Paul and Minneapolis, visited Brainerd in an official capacity at the request of Postmaster Ingersoll and remained until Monday noon, the object of his visit being to go over the city thoroughly, lay out the probable boundaries, divide the city into districts and select locations for mail boxes, which was done and his report will be made to the department at Washington with such recommendations as he deems the situation warrants. Paul, arrived in the city Sunday and Monday he conferred with Postmaster Ingersoll regarding the free delivery soon to be inaugurated in this city. A telegram from Washington to the Minneapolis Journal says: Postmaster Ingersoll has not been advised as to the date, and his only information in regard to the matter was obtained from the above telegram. Ice cream and other refreshments are in evidence and the ladies in charge of the booths are alive to the interest and comfort of their patrons. The annual Catholic Fair held at Gardner Hall last week, was one of the most successful yet held. The hall was beautifully and tastily decorated and the booths artistically arranged. A splendid supper was served each evening under the efficient direction of Mrs.

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Paul and then the Staples cut-off, removing Brainerd from the main line of the Northern Pacific from St. Among them were: the Headquarters, Villard, Arlington, Commercial, Antlers, and Earl/Carlson Hotels, Bly’s Block, Sleeper’s Opera House, Columbian Block, and the Northern Pacific Depot. On 21 October 1991, eight businesses were ruined and more than 30 people were left without homes as fire destroyed the Anna Block at the corner of Front and South Seventh Streets. The light equipment for the stage which includes various color effects was furnished by H. The desks in the physics laboratory are low and each has an electric outlet plate. A tablet of cast bronze will be placed at either side of the main entrance, one bearing the names of the county officials, and the other which the American Legion has been asked to provide will be in the nature of a memorial to those who gave their lives in the World War. Harris, architect of the firm of Alden & Harris of St. Others Moving Following the county auditor came the removal of the effects of County Treasurer S. Adair, Register of Deeds and Registrar of Titles A. It is done in colors of blue, gold, gray, and rose with soft lighting effects giving it a particular charm. It is built of smooth-cut gray stone and stands 130 by 90 feet. Cullen has sold his saloon business on Sixth street to W. Buckley, of Staples, and the latter gentleman has assumed control. The building committee is composed of nine influential men of the city, and includes H. There will also be a moving picture projection room on the third floor for the lodge room. While our firemen are willing and always have been to do their utmost in case of fire, they feel that hauling the carts many times for long distances through the snow and thereby arriving at the fire often too late to render valuable assistance, that their efforts are not crowned with the success that they really deserve. 123) A MOTOR FIRE TRUCK FOR CITY _____ Council at Monday Night’s Meeting Decides to Advertise for Bids on January 5th _____ ADJOURNED SESSION THAT DATE _____ Equipped with Two Tanks Machine Can Extinguish Fires in Sec- tions Beyond Hydrants The city council, at its Monday night’s meeting, went on record as favoring the purchase of a motor fire truck. Paul, Minneapolis and Sioux City, Iowa, examining the fire trucks in use. 49 & 141) VOTE ON JUNIOR HIGH NEXT SPRING _____ Resolution Adopted by School Board Calls for Special Vote at City Election A resolution providing for a special election to be held at the time of the regular city election in April for the purpose of voting on the question of a new Junior high school building for this city, was read by the secretary and, after careful consideration was adopted. 2) An Unusual Situation _____ AN unusual situation in Brainerd and one that will be favorably commented on throughout the state is the fact that Brainerd school district, with the approval of the voters, is prepared to inaugurate the building of a Junior high school, the program of site, building, etc., covering an estimated outlay of $260,000, all accomplished without issuing any further bonds nor in raising rates of taxation. Committee on subscription report $116.50 collected, and all in hands of Treasurer, except $1.50. The front of the building on Laurel streets extends 50 feet from the corner with a two door entry and the length is 125 feet from Laurel street to the alley. Boys, wait until they come, and then call and be measured for a fine suit of clothes. A Spanish Mediterranean [and Old English] design was added to its interior, and small lights were installed in the ceiling to create a “starry night” effect. This was undoubtedly the place where the robbers secreted themselves while sorting over their booty. The government’s lease of the building is for five years. Reilly has purchased the building in which the postoffice is now located and will refit and repair it and make a fine double store for his growing grocery business. It will make a fine postoffice when entirely finished. It is up to the people now and if they desire metropolitan mail service their efforts will show it within the next few days. It was extremely unfortunate that the street signs were not in position but the unavoidable delay in not having them up at the time specified was fully and satisfactorily explained by Mayor Halsted, who also gave Mr. It will be remembered that the last time he was here the numbering of the residences as well as the business portion of the city had not been attended to and he did not feel like recommending the establishment of the system of free delivery to the department on this account. It is his opinion, however, that the service will be established Oct. _____ The System Will Not Be Inaugu- rated Until the First of November. Ingersoll has finally received official notification from the United States Civil Service Commission of the establishment of a free delivery system in Brainerd by the postoffice department. "Genitum non Facium"—Carrie Morrison "Domine Fill," "Qui Cum Patre," "Misuiure,"—H. Linnemann "Et Unam Sanctam," "Et Vivi Ficantem,"—Richard Isle [sic] [Ilse] "Benedictus,"—J. Early "Pieni Sunt Coeli,"—Eugene Mc Carthy "Veni Creator"—Kate Canan, Richard Isle [sic] [Ilse], H. The comic opera and drill by the young ladies and gentlemen is a very pleasing feature. 4) A new court of Catholic Order of Foresters will be instituted early next month at Brainerd, and the St.

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