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We must determine whether dispensationalists beginning with John Nelson Darby have rhtly interpreted the Word of Truth through faithful exegesis or whether they have wrongly divided the Word of Truth through faulty eisegesis. And the consequences of the Darbian dogma play out in the caldron of real life.

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Any such explicit declaration would end the debate immediately.

<em>Left</em> <em>Behind</em> From Root to Ripened Fruit - Christian

Left Behind From Root to Ripened Fruit - Christian

It is taught clearly in 1 Thessalonians –18, where the apostle Paul provides us with most of the available details. Jenkins, No single verse specifiy states, “Christ will come before the Tribulation.” On the other hand, no single passage teaches He will not come before the Tribulation, or that He will come in the middle or at the end of the Tribulation.Due in part to the popularity of the Left Behind novels—now a b-budget apocalyptic action-thriller movie—multiplied millions are convinced that Jesus will come back secretly and silently to rapture His church.

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For nineteen hundred years of church history, no one had any concept of the pretribulational rapture that La Haye claims is so clearly taught in Scripture. Darby’s subjective spin on Scripture leads inexorably toward the nhtmarish ending for Jews graphiy portrayed in Left Behind theology.

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