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Finale 2008 produces quality output using either method.

Although there are variations between PDF converters most will work with one of the methods outlined below.



Download a PDF converter (see list below for some suggestions) and install it on your computer.The good news is the software can convert all your electronic documents, not just Finale files.

InfinityMU - Download the MU Online Client

If step 4 poses a problem make sure your PDF converter is set to automatically recognize Post Script (. Instructions for PDFCreator: (1) Open PDFCreator from the programs menu, (2) Select Printer Options, (3) Go to "General Settings 2," (4) Click the button that reads "Associate PDFCreator with postscript files." When you open a Post Script file it should now convert to a PDF automatically as described in the last step.

Mus to pdf converter download:

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