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In this way, a single frequency can support multiple, simultaneous data channels. The condition of unity loop gain -Aβ = 1 is called the Barkhausencriterion. Positive feedback reinforces a given tendency of a system and can lead a system away from equilibrium states, possibly causing quite unexpected results. Example for negative feedback and positive feedback. SCRs are connected in series to enchance (a) their overall dv/dt rating (b) their voltage ratings (c) their current handling capabilities (d) none of these 6.

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The study and use of electrical devices that operate by controlling the flow of electrons or other electrically charged particles. (or)communication says as transferring of message from one place to another place called communication. You will find that the one language you know will be heard by you and the others will be treated like noise. Feedback is a process whereby some proportion of the output signal of a system is passed (fed back) to the input. A semiconductor is a solid material that has electrical conductivityin between that of a conductor and that of an insulator(An Insulator is a material that resists the flow of electric current. Some transistors are packaged individually but most are found in integrated circuits. Typically the output of the op-amp is controlled either by negative feedback, which largely determines the magnitude of its output voltage gain, or by positive feedback, which facilitates regenerative gain and oscillation. In a semiconductor diode, P-side is grounded and N-side is applied a potential of -5V through a resistance of 100 ohms.

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In the same manner each CDMA mobile communication takes place with a “code” communicating between them and the other end if one is knowing that code then only it can listen to the data being transmitted i.e. On the other hand GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)uses narrowband TDMA, which allows eight simultaneous calls on the same radio frequency. Barkhausen criteria, without which you will not know which conditions, are to be satisfied for oscillations. This is often used to control the dynamic behaviour of the system. Advantages of negative feedback over positive feedback. It is an object intended to support or separate electrical conductorswithout passing current through itself); it can vary over that wide range either permanently or dynamically. the diode shall (a) conduct fully (b) not conduct (c) conduct partially (d) none of these 3. A stopband is a band of frequencies, between specified limits, in which a circuit, such as a filter or telephone circuit, does not let signals through, or the attenuation is above the required stopband attenuation level. Each cell requires a radio base station to enable it to function. 3 satellites are required to cover the entire earth, which is placed at 120 degree to each other. Attenuation is usually measured in units of decibels per unit length of medium (d B/cm, d B/km, etc) and is represented by the attenuation coefficient of the medium in question. By contrast, time division multiple access (TDMA) divides access by time, whilefrequency-division multiple access (FDMA) divides it byfrequency.

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Passband is the range of frequencies or wavelengths that can pass through a filter without being attenuated. An analogy to the problem of multiple access is a room (channel) in which people wish to communicate with each other.

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