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I owe my thanks, also, to the staffs of the Landesarchiv Berlin, the Bundesarchiv Berlin, the Topography of Terror Museum Library (Berlin), the... I imagine it as the hollow shell of a once grand structure, an overgrown ruin that has seen better days and echoes with the voices of desperate prayers whispered to disparate gods. It was quite possibly the coldest, wettest, and most frightened I had ever been, perched on the bow of a small converted seal-hunting boat as it chugged straight into the Arctic Sea, the coastline of Northern Norway barely visible above the mist, rain, and choppy seas whipped up by a storm into which, against all logic, we were apparently... This time, however, it was not a whale safari (see chapter 4), it was a short trip from Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina...

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Terrorist attacks, war, and mass shootings by individuals occur on a daily basis all over the world.

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Written in a lyrical style, the book weaves rhetorical theories, poetics, philosophy, works of art, and personal experience into a complex, compelling, and innovative mode of writing. The war on terror extends beyond the geopolitical borders of Iraq, Afghanistan, and other nations that support and harbor terrorists.Nowadays people use them as seats, doorstops, weapons, art (fig. There are plenty of clichés about phone books, even famous scenes in films. Then he reads something scripted, like a robot, and he is afraid. A dappled gray, to be exact—the sort Gerard Manley Hopkins would praise, hinting as dappledness does at “Pied Beauty”: “All things counter, original, spare, strange; / Whatever is fickle, freckled (who knows how? He logs in as Steady Aim and locks and loads his icon in the crosshairs of a misguided viewpoint.

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Ultimately, The Homesick Phone Book demonstrates how scholars of rhetoric and writing studies can break their dependence on conventional argument and logic to discover what might be possible if we dive into and become lost within the very concepts and events that frighten and terrorize us. It depends on its own vast network of what the Bush administration called a “coalition of the willing.”—in 2008, while on my first visit to Charleston, I had the eerie sensation I had visited this place before.

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