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Introducing Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

You can create a simple grid by printing out 9 blank slides on a piece of paper.

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When you take the first step in designing your presentation, how do you start? However, slideware can be a vice on one’s creativity, and few are able to break its grip.

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PowerPoint 2007 - UCC

Don’t worry about your drawing skills -– you’re not being graded on this.When I start my design process, I head to my local coffee shop, grab a hot chocolate (I actually don’t like coffee), and begin thinking of how I can tell my story.

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When you hear the term “presentation design”, what do you think of? I believe most people sit down in front of their computers and open their favorite slide software (slideware). Thus, presentations are created in analog form along the guidelines that templates dictate, resulting in nearly all presentations looking format, the process of designing your presentation must happen before you open Power Point. These places are filled with distractions — ringing phones, curious co-workers, and constant emails.

Powerpoint 2007 training manual pdf:

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