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still an active web site and most products can be bought on-line if your local store closed.

Radio shack pro 2020 manual pdf Manual Windows PC

Some equipment in the old product support info pages has extensive info, some has manuals in Spanish and not English, some products have next to no info.

Instruction, users and service <i>manuals</i> for

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And since it's information on "legacy equipment" the info on any old model could go away at any time - and without any warning.Usually any available service manuals can be ordered by contacting either your local Radio Shack store or by calling Radio at 800-241-8742. Some stores have intelligent folks that can look up manual numbers by radio name (i.e.

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I had it bookmarked back in December of 2004, the public side was redone sometime in 2005, and if there is still a link on the new public side I couldn't find it.

Radio shack pro 2020 manual pdf:

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